Justin and Dita

Justin has been teaching Dita how to play the keyboard, and contrary to never mixing business with pleasure he asked her out on a date to which she agreed.  They are officially a couple now and spend lots of time together.

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#toocuteforwords#  More pictures at:  Justin and Dita

Dr Dita Decelli’s Home Office

Dita has set up a small office at home where she gets most of her paperwork dealt with.

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Paige bought a selection of cases: make up, vanity, briefcase etc, to show Dita.  More items to showcase from her Instagram account.

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More photographs at:  FLCKR


Paige’s Instagram Account

Paige’s Instagram followers are growing  by the day and she has a steady income coming in from her sponsors.  It means that she can contribute to the family expenses (see A death in the family ).


She is currently wearing & sharing pictures of dresses, mainly cowl neck, made by a well known designer.   She is fortunate that a number of friends within her group (well, mainly her sisters group) are happy to participate.

Dr Decelli is a particularly good sport and will pretty much take part in every brand that offers a deal.

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Her older sister Tarah is always willing to help too, and is shown here wearing a leopard print & black version of the cowl neck.

Connie wears a striped version of the dress.

Giselle (or Gia as she likes to be known) wears a patchwork dress


Paige herself chose a spotted dress in navy, red & white.

Of course, her younger sisters don’t want to be left out, so Paige sources sponsors for them too

Paige’s next sponsor sells  top of the range cosmetic and vanity cases, and she has just received her first delivery.





A death, and a mystery, in the family

It is quite a while since the last update on this blog out of respect for the sensitive nature of events that unfolded a little over a year ago.

Back Story:
American Model Cool Day (37)

Tarah Roberts is the oldest of four sisters and worked as an assistant photographer for a local newspaper.  She worked with a team that had been hand picked and they got on so well that they became best friends.

Paige Roberts, the sister next in age to Tarah, visited for an extended period of time prior to her starting college.  She enjoyed her stay so much that she didn’t want to go to college.  This caused a rift with the parents on one side and Tarah backing her sister on the other side.  Paige used her time as an assistant to the team and fit in well.


For a little while there was no communication between the two sides, but one Sunday after a particularly rousing sermon at church, Tarah and Paige knew they had to make amends. They arranged to meet their parents a few days later, and though it started off in a frosty manner, it turned out well with each apologizing to the other.  Paige and Tarah also got to see their little sisters for the first time in months.

So, it was a shock to all when Tarah received a visit from the police, just days into the new year, with news of a fatal accident.  It transpired that both Mr & Mrs Roberts had been involved in a multiple car crash and both were pronounced dead at the scene.  The younger sisters had been at home being looked after by a babysitter at the time, and they were taken in by a relative on their fathers side of the family.

Paige and Tarah were devastated but aside from arranging the funeral their focus was on gaining custody of their sisters.  Their parents were wealthy, and had made arrangements for their burial and wake, and there should be plenty of money left over. Mr Roberts had been a renowned scientist who held seminars world wide.  Mrs Roberts hadn’t worked since marrying her husband but she was very tough with the girls, insisting that they each made their own way in the world with no monetary assistance.

The funeral was like a spread from a high society magazine with all manner of people in attendance from celebrities to dignitaries, all posing and smiling for the cameras.  There were dozens of reporters and even a group of people protesting about the use of human embryos.  Neither sister knew why it was so high profile, nor why protesters felt the need to disrupt what should have been a sombre occasion.

The time following the funeral was like a blur with everything collapsing around them.  Many relatives, friends and colleagues were present for the reading of the will and what a shock that was.  No one, no one person in the room had been left anything:  no money, no furniture, no jewellery, no property, nothing.  There was complete silence while it was being read but gradually more and more people began to talk and soon the room had filled with angry voices.  Their parents had left everything to the area of science that Mr Roberts had worked in.  The details were private and would not be made available.

The fallout from this was that the relative that had taken the younger girls no longer


wanted them.  She had said that she couldn’t afford to raise them without a bursary of some kind.  This meant that the girls were taken by social services to be placed with a family, or families (if they couldn’t be placed together), in the area where they last lived.  Paige and Tarah fought tooth and nail to get those girls.  Tarah was promoted at work as photographer and Paige was taken on officially as her assistant photographer.  They lobbied their landlord to see if they could get a larger apartment more suited to a family of four.

Shortly after, Tarahs editor called her into his office.  There were certain rumours circulating and he didn’t want the sisters to find out from someone else.  Apparently a witness had come forward stating that their parents car had been deliberately targeted.  The editor had run some checks and discovered that Mr Roberts had been working on something secret and very sensitive.  Protests had been organized in every city/town he had held seminars purporting to the use of embryos. The editor told the girls it was only a matter of time before reporters came knocking on their door to see if they knew anything.


Bit by bit things started to fall into place and first Ellen joined them in May, followed a little later (July) by their baby sister Maisie.  They were deliriously happy to be reunited but the little girls had been scarred by their experiences and needed bereavement counselling.  They were crowded into their two bed apartment, with Tarah and Paige in one room, and Ellen and Maisie in another but they were so glad to be together.

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Their landlord found them a larger apartment and though he kept the rent to a minimum, they wouldn’t have been able to afford it without Paige’s wage .

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A lawyer got in touch with Tarah and explained that she should contest the will and if she agreed he would take it on.  He had been the family lawyer since before any of the girls came along and something didn’t ‘feel right’.The will had been changed just weeks before the accident when her father had appointed a new lawyer who also looked after the affairs of the company Mr Roberts worked for.

Throughout this trying time, the friends of Tarah and Paige had been a great support, especially when the younger girls came to live with them.

So, back to the present day:

Tarah is still working for the news agency, and doing freelance work too, which means they can live comfortably (though within a budget) without Paige having to contribute.

Paige  enrolled into college and is part way through her course, and  when she has the time she still helps Tarah.  Most of her free time is taken up with Instagram of which she has a huge following.   She is offered free products to endorse by advertising them on her page and the more followers she gets, the better the products are.

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Ellen and Maisie have finished their counselling and both came out of it well.  They are now settled into a new school.

The investigation into their parents deaths is ongoing, and it has been confirmed that it is now a murder investigation.

The will is also ongoing, with the huge corporate company refusing to negotiate terms.

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