Dressed for a wedding

Wedding outfits (Click on link for more)


Justin and Dita

Justin has been teaching Dita how to play the keyboard, and contrary to never mixing business with pleasure he asked her out on a date to which she agreed.  They are officially a couple now and spend lots of time together.

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#toocuteforwords#  More pictures at:  Justin and Dita

Dr Dita Decelli’s Home Office

Dita has set up a small office at home where she gets most of her paperwork dealt with.

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Paige bought a selection of cases: make up, vanity, briefcase etc, to show Dita.  More items to showcase from her Instagram account.

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More photographs at:  FLCKR


Paige’s Instagram Account

Paige’s Instagram followers are growing  by the day and she has a steady income coming in from her sponsors.  It means that she can contribute to the family expenses (see A death in the family ).


She is currently wearing & sharing pictures of dresses, mainly cowl neck, made by a well known designer.   She is fortunate that a number of friends within her group (well, mainly her sisters group) are happy to participate.

Dr Decelli is a particularly good sport and will pretty much take part in every brand that offers a deal.

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Her older sister Tarah is always willing to help too, and is shown here wearing a leopard print & black version of the cowl neck.

Connie wears a striped version of the dress.

Giselle (or Gia as she likes to be known) wears a patchwork dress


Paige herself chose a spotted dress in navy, red & white.

Of course, her younger sisters don’t want to be left out, so Paige sources sponsors for them too

Paige’s next sponsor sells  top of the range cosmetic and vanity cases, and she has just received her first delivery.